Argus Rigorfield

Eldest twin of house Rigorfield. Heir apparent. A large brute.



Argus is a large man, both from excess fat and powerful musculature. Despite his size, he seems able to move around with relative ease and power. Looks very much like his twin Numeroth Rigorfield in his face and hair, though Argus is almost three times the weight of his sibling and sports a dark tan. Both have piercing blue eyes and blue-black hair and stand at 5’11’’.


Argus is the eldest twin of the Rigorfield family. Now age 42, in his prime he was a competitive wrestler and boxer and in a much less round shape. Always outspoken and uneven tempered, though an obvious favorite of his father. Now he concerns himself primarily with sales and management of their agricultural empire.

Argus is married to Sheyna and together they have 15 children, 3 being sets of twins.

Argus Rigorfield

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