Cyrillus Rigorfield

Patriarch of house Rigorfield



Cyrillus Rigorfield, or Cyril, is a 71 year old human male is a wrinkly, bent man who makes his way around with a gold and silver plated cane styled to look like a harvesting scythe.


Despite being 71 years old Cyril is quite sharp and able to stay active in his family’s vast farming empire throughout Rostland and more civilized parts of the Riverlands. In general, he personally oversees expansion into new regions as they become available. He paints himself somewhat as a public servant despite displaying conflicting actions such as past use of slave labor and a generally lavish lifestyle.

His twin sons Argus and Numeroth Rigorfield accompanied him to Auristria

Player interactions

In meeting the Council, he has seemed nothing but accommodating and genial: offering to cultivate a large area into a farm at his own expense, supply the fledgling state with some food stores, and providing a celebratory feast for the group. When confronted about his slaves he called back out the door freeing them all, though they still seemed to serve the food at the feast. He has heavily promoted his son Argus for a position in the Council.

Cyrillus Rigorfield

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