Aren "Running Squirrel"

Halfling hunter, short and wiry.


Running Squirrel is tall for a halfling, standing just shy of three and a half feet. He is nearing middle aged but looks to be in his prime physically, a muscular yet thin frame showing off both strength and agility in abundance. His soft brown eyes are constantly scanning his surroundings, missing little, and his small hands hold a steady grip on the shaft of a glaive adorned with elegant wave patterns. He is usually wearing his badge of office, a well-worn breastplate small enough not to hinder his movement. Animal hides pad where the cold metal would touch skin and cured leather trousers warms his legs. His feet of course are bare with a wild tuft of tangled brown hair warming the tops of both. He only has nine toes but that’s the least of his worries from the look of him. His nose sports a piece of animal bone threaded through a hole he recieved in a knife fight and scars crisscross his body like he had been pulled through a thicket of tanglethorn.


Was a slave in Cheliax.
Escaped and ended up finding a home with the Shoanti tribes to the far west.
Came to Brevoy
Became a trailblazer and pioneer.
Took contract looking for exceptional folk to civilize the wilds.
Became the Stag Lord.

Aren "Running Squirrel"

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